It takes special knowledge beyond the required technical expertise to properly capture a bar or bat mitzvah. Since our first bar mitzvah client in May, 1982, we have developed a winning format for successfully creating the type of polished program that has made us the leader in documenting this coming of age event. Our sensitivity to documenting the rituals, family, friends and spirit of the event into a high quality, professional finished product has enabled us to draw close to many families in and around Chicago. In fact, we now find ourselves shooting many weddings of those same children we videotaped as young adults.


The process begins with a free consultation where the family has an opportunity to meet with an experienced member of our staff. Since we retain footage from every venue we shoot at, you will be shown a sample of the very locations where your service and party will take place. If you belong to a temple that allows the taping of the actual service, we will show what that will look like. If you belong to a synagogue where the taping of a service is not allowed, we can set up a time to meet with the family to shoot a rehearsal, capturing the essence of the service including any torah readings, the haftorah and the speech.


At the consultation, we will then take you through our format for covering the party. Keep in mind that we are a customized service and will ultimately tailor our coverage to meet your needs. All footage is shot using state of the art High Definition cameras and professionally edited into a polished finished program including custom titles, a shot of the invitation, special effects where needed and a recap of slow motion sequences recapping the event.


For viewing at the event, we can create a custom video photo montage. We are one of the originators of the video photo montage having done our first one in 1986. Please go to our section on photo montages for more details.

Our business is built on referrals. We have not advertised our event business in over 20 years yet we do over 100 events a year. We work with almost all the leading party consultants and hotels in the city and suburbs, and we know that when you build a business on reputation, you are only as good as the last job. We take that concept very seriously. Our attention to detail, our warm, friendly and caring staff and our unobtrusive approach to covering your event are trademarks of our company. We understand how important and emotion packed the event can be for you. Our goal is to document the day into an enjoyable, high quality, professional program that will be a treasured keepsake for years to come. Call or contact us today to set up your free consultation.